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This is your e-OSCAR 4.0 Information Hub



Data Furnishers DO NOT need to re-register their account to work in e-OSCAR 4.0. All existing companies were automatically migrated to the new platform.


Before submitting any support ticket, we encourage you to take these steps first!:

  1. Please review our information portals for both e-OSCAR 4.0 and Services by e-OSCAR, located on this website. On each portal, you'll find important information, training links, FAQs and more. You might just be able to answer your own question by going to one of these portals first.

  2. Check out our e-OSCAR 4.0 Platform Training content in the e-OSCAR Learning Management System.  This training content can be found in the "Featured Courses" section on the LMS home page. We are confident that our pre-recorded modules provides answers to MANY of the support requests we are receiving.  

  3. Watch the Guided Tours that are embedded within the e-OSCAR 4.0 application. These quick training modules provide many details that might be helpful and resolve your question.

If you have completed the above steps and still need assistance, then take one of these actions:

  1. Call our Help Desk at 866-696-7227.  The Help Desk is staffed from 8am - 6pm ET.

  2. Head over to our PORTAL and submit a support ticket. 


Update: Tuesday, Sept 12th, 9:45am

ARCHIVES: Last night we rolled back code that was implemented on 9/1 as part of the expected remediation to various issues with Archives. As a result of this rollback, you may have started receiving Archive files.  Bear in mind that these Archive files may neither contain all records nor all images requested in the Archive.  We are testing the next iteration of code for Archives and will deploy via a hot fix as soon as available.  The timing of this hot fix is TBD.

Update: Friday, Sept 8th, 10:30am

ARCHIVES: We have received a variety of requests about the availability of Archive data from the e-OSCAR application.  Our team is investigating the reported issues and hopes to deploy a Hot Fix to remediate issues preventing the download of Archive files next week. Stay tuned for more details, including the actual date of the Hot Fix.  Until we release this update, Archive data may not be available for download. We appreciate the importance of the availability of Archive data and will ensure that all data is preserved for appropriate download upon the remediation of these issues.

NEXT RELEASE: Our next scheduled e-OSCAR release is targeted for September 19th. Among the items that we expect to deploy during that release will be a variety of updates impacting the Productivity Report within e-OSCAR. We expect to publish Release Notes late next week.

Update: Wednesday, Aug 30th, 11:02am

Last night, we deployed a release to correct a few bugs and technical backlog. You can find release notes here.

We have received several queries regarding Hurricane Idalia and any potential impacts to the e-OSCAR application and our staff. We do not expect any negative impacts to the application whatsoever due to the storm. Our staff is distributed in the northeast Florida area, as well as several other states. We are continually monitoring the well-being of our staff, but do not expect any significant impacts at this time.

Update: Thursday, Aug 17th, 7:00pm

We have posted a new video called "The Difference between Save+Exit & Submit" in both the e-OSCAR Learning Management System and on our e-OSCAR TV channel on Vimeo (

We will be deploying our next release on Friday, Aug 19th, beginning at 6:00pm ET. There WILL NOT be any expected downtime, but you may be briefly logged out of the application. You should be able to immediately log back in.

Items being deployed include:

  1. Updating the following API calls so that the ResponseDate is retreived in EST instead of GMT.  /acdvresp/v2/get/{acdvCtrlNum} and /acdvresp/v2/getList
  2. Increasing the processing speed for the Auto Assign ACDV function
  3. Adding Case ID as the last column in the ACDV Archive when images are included with the Archive in order to make it easier to associate images with their corresponding ACDV
  4. Correcting a validation error that prevented DOB from being later than Date of Account Open when ECOA Code 3 is used
  5. Corrected inability to update consumer Middle Name verification indicator from the Review Screen
  6. Added a check box on the Organization Management screen to enable Like/Linked functionality for ACDV and AUD.  If checked, the Like/Linked functionality will be displayed within ACDV and AUD transactions
  7. Added Skill as the last column on the Incoming ACDV Work Queue
  8. In order to reduce the likelihood of multiple Operators accessing transactions simultaneously, we are implementing the following:
    • An update that will immediately move any transaction accessed (through case search, Work Queue, or Recents) to the Worklist of the user accessing the record.
    • Rendering transactions on an Operator's Worklist as "Read Only" to all other Operators.
    • When establishing a linkage to Like/Linked transactions by clicking "Connect Cases", all linked cases will move to the Worklist of the Operator that clicked "Connect Cases".  
    • Identifying the "Leader" and "Follower" cases by including the words Leader or Follower above the linked ACDVs section
    • Upon submission of a Leader case, all response information except Response Code is pre-filled to all Follower cases.  

Update: Tuesday, Aug 15th, 9:30am

The release noted below is now scheduled to deploy on Friday, August 18th, beginning at 6:00pm ET. Final details of items to be included will be posted by EOD on Thursday.

We have posted a new video called "Viewing Worklists in e-OSCAR 4.0" in both the e-OSCAR Learning Management System and on our e-OSCAR TV channel on Vimeo (

Update: Monday, Aug 14th, 8:00am

We have received a variety of questions from people attempting to open their zipped Archive files. Please reference the "Known Issues" page for tips on how to remedy this issue.

We continue to experience the Report Card and Archive issues described below.  We understand how important both of these sets of data are, and are working as fast as we can to determine a viable solution to both.

We are targeting our next release for Tuesday, Aug 15th.  Details forthcoming.



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There are some items that look or act differently in e-OSCAR 4.0 than Legacy e-OSCAR.

Click here for important information on known issues or differences between Legacy e-OSCAR and e-OSCAR 4.0

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After launch of e-OSCAR 4.0, you may find that you need assistance.

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There are several critical milestones and dates you need to be aware of as we approach the launch of e-OSCAR 4.0.

Need to know information about our launch - and specifically the steps that you will need to take can be found here.

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We will deliver e-OSCAR 4.0 training via multiple channels, including:

  1. Live, Facilitator-led webinars and training events
  2. Recorded, on-demand webinars and training events
  3. Interactive Web-based training modules
  4. Updated documentation, including PDF job aids and reference cards
  5. "Guide Me" tours and term definitions within the e-OSCAR 4.0 application 

Access all e-OSCAR 4.0 training content within the e-OSCAR Learning Management System

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Contact the e-OSCAR Help Desk at (866) MY OSCAR or (866) 696-7227
Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm ET