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Landing in your browser beginning June 23, 2023!

Here are critical dates and milestones that you need to be aware of:

This is important: These dates are our biggest and most important milestones that we’ll be hitting in the next month. They are critical to the successful launch of e-OSCAR 4.0.

  • Today (and continuing every day until late July) - We’ve started migrating data from Legacy e-OSCAR to e-OSCAR 4.0. This includes resolved disputes, previously submitted AUDs, notifications, your company registration information, user data, and more.

  • Friday, June 1st through Monday, June 17th - We will pause all support for access requests &/or password resets for the e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox Environment.

  • YOUR ACTION REQUIRED BEFORE 5pm ET on Thursday, June 8th - Ensure that your company has whitelisted the following addresses and domains:;;;;; This is VERY IMPORTANT! DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

  • Friday, June 9th - We will begin our “soft launch” and initiate sending “Welcome to e-OSCAR” emails to certain users. Read below for more details about what the soft launch means.

  • Friday, June 9th through Monday, June 26th - System Update Blackout.  We will not process any e-OSCAR Registration changes during this period, including: new account registrations, account mergers, account deactivations, modification to CRA reporting-relationships, Subscriber Codes, key-contact roles (for example Registration Administrator of Record).

  • Friday, June 23rd at 3:00pm ET - We will bring the e-OSCAR platform down so that we can begin the final installation of e-OSCAR 4.0 into production.

  • Saturday, June 24th through early Monday, June 26th - We will provide regular (at least daily) updates as to our deployment status.  Check this website frequently.  Additionally, we will send regular, detailed email announcements.  We will update and maintain recorded update available throughout the deployment weekend at 1-877-610-2795.

  • Monday, June 26th - We expect the e-OSCAR 4.0 application AND the Legacy e-OSCAR application will be available. Exact timing TBD and will be communicated.


Contact the e-OSCAR Help Desk at (866) MY OSCAR or (866) 696-7227
Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm ET