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Important emails sent to User Community:

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  1. (1/23/2023) - Important e-OSCAR 4.0 News that you don't want to miss

  2. (1/27/2023) - Urgent news regarding e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox Region

  3. (1/28/2023) - Updated Information about e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox Region

  4. (1/30/2023) - Monday (Jan 30) Update about e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox Region

  5. (2/2/2023) - Common Questions (and answers) about the e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox Environment

  6. (3/8/2023) - Online Data Exchange Announces Postponement of e-OSCAR 4.0 Release

  7. (3/13/2023) - e-OSCAR 4.0 Update for March 13, 2023

  8. (4/19/2023) - e-OSCAR 4.0 Update for April 19, 2023

  9. (4/24/2023) - Important e-OSCAR 4.0 News for April 24, 2023 (including updates to e-OSCAR Terms of Use)

  10. (5/1/2023) - Important e-OSCAR 4.0 News for May 1, 2023

  11. (5/9/2023) - Important e-OSCAR News for May 9, 2023 (including key steps to get ready for launch, Training availability, and more)

  12. (5/30/2023) - You NEED to review this important e-OSCAR 4.0 Information (includes key dates & milestones, training availability, system blackout, and more)

  13. (6/6/2023) - IMPORTANT INFORMATION about e-OSCAR 4.0 (includes Sandbox environment updates, e-OSCAR 4.0 deployment timeline, Soft Launch and what it Means, System Update Blackout Period, and more)

  14. (6/9/2023) - Go for Launch! Details about our e-OSCAR 4.0 Soft Launch

  15. (6/12/2023) - e-OSCAR 4.0 Newsflash! (includes details on our Real-Time Informational Portal)

  16. (6/16/2023) - IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED re: e-OSCAR 4.0 Access (Specific directions geared towards Data Furnishers who were sent their activation email but had not taken any actions yet)

  17. (6/23/2023) - 898 Days in the Making (e-OSCAR 4.0 Final Launch Update)

  18. (6/23/2023) - e-OSCAR 4.0 Rollout Update # 1 - deployment has started

  19. (6/25/2023) - e-OSCAR 4.0 Rollout Update # 3 - Sunday morning update.  Deployment progressing as expected.

  20. (7/3/2023) - e-OSCAR 4.0 - Launching into the Holiday Like a Bottle Rocket! - a new 60 Seconds with e-OSCAR video, Which application to use, Finding the right report, Clarification on Zip +4 handling, Keeping informed, Getting Support, 

Prior Quick Update Notes:

Update: Wednesday, Aug 9th, 11:00am

We are aware of the following items and are evaluating these for potential remediation:

  • Various reporting errors within the e-OSCAR 4.0 application, impacting the monthly Report Card, Productivity Report, Activity Report and potentially others.
  • Some users are reporting inablity to download scheduled recurring or one-time archive extracts

We recently implemented the following updates to the e-OSCAR 4.0 application:

  1. Updated the ACDV Archive file to only display response code detailed explanation when specifically selected to be included. When "Summary" option is selected, only display the response code itself.
  2. Updated the ACDV Archive file to include first and second Associated Consumer address information

Update: Monday, July 31st, 8:00am

Legacy e-OSCAR is no longer available for Data Furnishers.  All data has been migrated to e-OSCAR 4.0 at this point. Any reporting or archive needs can be processed via e-OSCAR 4.0.

On Friday evening, we implemented the following updates to the e-OSCAR 4.0 application:

  1. Added drop down pick list ability to segment and display Operator Worklist by transaction type.
  2. Corrected Metro2 validation relating to Portfolio Type
  3. Corrected issue preventing some Operators from using "Get Next Notification"
  4. Updated API Services calls "/find" call to ensure ACDV Request Find only retreives ACDVs in correct status
  5. Updated API Services "ACDVRequest" call to ensure all ACDVs for a given date range are returned

Update: Wednesday, July 26th, 8:00am

Last evening we performed a maintenance activity with the goal of improving user experience and ensuring that certain disputes were responded to in a timely fashion.

Backgound: When migrating certain Operators from Legacy e-OSCAR to e-OSCAR 4.0, some users were marked with "Restricted Permissions", which limited their overall capabilities to review and respond to disputes, among other things. Disputes reviewed by Operators with this setting enabled were placed in a "Pending-Review Status" and required review and submission by an Operator that did not have "Restricted Permissions" enabled. In some circumstances, Data Furnishers did not have any Operators that did not have this setting enabled.

We, therefore, made the following changes:

  • We removed the "Restricted Permissions" setting from all Operators with this setting. Our research indicated that in many cases, all Operators at impacted Data Furnihsers had "Restricted Permissions" enabled, thereby disallowing the submission of responses to consumer disputes.
  • The removal of "Restricted Permissions" may have unintended conssequences for some Data Furnisher - especially those who purposefully enabled this setting for their Operators. If your company specifically enabled this setting on Operators, please take a moment to review your Operators' profiles to re-enable the setting
  • We advanced and submitted to the CRAs any dispute response that had been in "Pending-Review Status" for more than two (2) days.
  • Any dispute response in "Pending-Review Status" for fewer than two days remained untouched and will need to be reviewed and submitted by each Data Furnisher

We will make more information available about this issue in the coming days.

Update: Wednesday, July 19th, 11:00am

We are planning on deploying the following items during our Friday release:

  1. Skills priority selection drag & drop capability
  2. Adding Unit-Skill column to Work Queue list for ACDV
  3. Previous last name field error message relating to character count exceeding character length displaying incorrectly
  4. Updated Tool Tip re: billing contact changes on View/Update Registration Page

Update: Monday, July 17th, 11:03am

The items noted below in Friday's update were deployed around 6pm ET and appear to be working as designed.

We have updated the "Known Issues" page to reflect current status of a variety of pending issue.

Our next planned release is set for July 21st.  Details forthcoming.

Update: Friday, July 14th, 2:17pm

We are planning on releasing code this evening that will address the following items:

(a). ACDV Archives not including image files

(b). Updating AUD Activity Report to update AUD Control Number with "-1" for first associated consumer and "-2" for second associated consumer

(c) Removal of incorrect validation that required a Portfolio Type to be included on ACDV response, AUD, BRR or Reinsertion Request 

(d) Field added to Case Search page to allow searching for Legacy Control Numbers for BRR and AUD. Legacy Control Numbers for BRR and AUD will be added to Activity Report and Archive as the last column

Update: Thursday, July 13th, 9:45am

(1) We are receiving a significant number of support tickets from users who are receiving auto-generated emails from the Legay e-OSCAR application reminding them that they have not (a) logged into the system in 60 days, (b) have unreviewed disputes in a queue, (c) have unreviewed notifications.  Please be sure to log into Legacy e-OSCAR to validate that you have no pending ACDVs that need to be resolved in that application.  If you have done that, and are confident that there are no additional pending transactions, you can safely ignore these automated messages.

(2) Please review the "Known Issues" page (link below) for updates on key items that we are aware of, are researching, or have a pending resolution for.  If you have an issue that is on that list, you do NOT need to submit an additional support ticket.

(3) If you have not received login credentials for e-OSCAR 4.0 AND there is a user at your company that has RA or OA user roles, that person can reset your Operator ID for you - without you needing to create a support ticket.

(4) If you have the RA or OA user role assigned to your profile, but you are unable to view Operator information or disputes, you likely have "Restricted Permissions" enabled on your ID.  If there is another user at your company with RA or OA user role who DOES NOT have Restricted Permissions enabled, that user can remove your Restriction without you needing to create a support ticket.

As expected, call volumes to the e-OSCAR Help Desk are very high. Please be patient.  If you do not want to wait on hold, please submit a ticket in our portal and we will get back to you.

Support Portal


For a month or so after we go live, you will need to access not one, but TWO e-OSCAR applications to work disputes.

  1. All new transactions, including ACDVs received after today, all new AUDs, BRRs and Notifications will need to be worked exclusively in the e-OSCAR 4.0 application. The URL web address for the all new e-OSCAR 4.0 application will be This is the address you are used to using today. You will use your new e-OSCAR 4.0 login credentials.

  2. Existing ACDVs that were received on or before today that have not been responded to must be worked in the Legacy e-OSCAR application. The URL web address for our Legacy e-OSCAR application will be You will use your existing e-OSCAR login credentials.

    In short - If you received it in Legacy e-OSCAR, respond to it in Legacy e-OSCAR. If you receive it in e-OSCAR 4.0, respond to it in e-


Contact the e-OSCAR Help Desk at (866) MY OSCAR or (866) 696-7227
Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm ET