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Known Issues in e-OSCAR 4.0

There are some items that look or act differently in e-OSCAR 4.0 than in the Legacy e-OSCAR application.

Read below for a cataloging of critical items that are known gaps.  

General issues:

1. Printing transactions (ACDV, AUD, BRR, etc.). If you print a transaction (or print to PDF), each transaction will print on six (6) pages. We have this item on our priority list to review and address as part of our "Day 2" efforts later this summer.

2. ZIP Code + 4 Treatment - We have published a GUIDE explaining the appropriate validation of Consumer Account Information as it relates to ZIP + 4 information.

3. Using * in Date Fields to remove Data: In Legacy e-OSCAR, entering a * in certain date fields indicates a request to remove the date from that fields.  The database stores that request in the format 11/11/1111 but generally the * is displayed. In e-OSCAR 4.0, instead of displaying an *, the application will display 11111111, and Data Furnishers can recognize this as a requested deletion of the date.

4. Issues with opening certain .zip Archive files: We have received feedback from some Data Furnishers that they are unable to open .zip files and are receiving a “Compressed (Zipped) Folder Is Invalid” Error on Windows. Please try the following steps to correct this (for specific instructions on the steps below, please consult your IT professional or Google):

  • Reinstall the file compression tool
  • Restart the Windows File Explorer
  • Run the File and Folder Troubleshooter (may require a download from Microsoft website)
  • Configure the Folder Optimization Settings
  • Repair the corrupted Zipped Folder
  • Update your Windows Device to ensure you're on the latest version

Reporting issues:

1. The Unit & Skill Load Report was NOT implemented due to performance issues. Please leverage the Work Queue view on the e-OSCAR 4.0 home page to observe all dispute volume 

2. We've added a MATRIX comparing Reports from Legacy e-OSCAR to Reports in e-OSCAR 4.0.

3. The Productivity Report is miscalculating agent productivity time; It appears to be overstating time spent.  For example, if a user invested 93 minutes of time working disputes, the time is displayed as 1:93:00 (or one hour 93 minutes) instead of 1:33:00 (or one hour 33 minutes). 

Transaction-Related Issues Under Review:

1. In some cases, multiple users are able to access the same dispute: We are aware that there are certain disputes where an Operator has accessed a dispute and realizes that another Operator has also accessed and potentially updated a dispute.

2. User Interface NOT accepting ZIP +4 changes: Despite communication advising of change in how validations apply to ZIP + 4 (see above), the user interface is not correctly recognizing those updates.  In the interim, if the ZIP + 4 is the ONLY modification to Consumer Address, it will be acceptable to leave as blank and have the Verification Indicator as "SAME"

3. Activity Reports & Archives: In some circumstances, email notices are not being sent to Operators to advise of availability of data.  Additionally, in some cases, the "Extract CSV" hyperlink is missing. We have validated, however, that users that have "Division Manager" enabled on their operator profile (in addition to Report Viewer and Archive Viewer) are able to review reports even without receiving the emailed notification. 

5. General reports of system latency We have received notices of general system latency when navigating between screens or during certain transaction processing.

6. Response Code Validations One of the enhancements we added to e-OSCAR 4.0 was that the app now prefills certain consumer information from the request. This was done to save time for associates in reviewing and validating that information. That said, however, the rules engine in the application sees any data in a respone field - even if the same as the request data - as a modification. Because of this, if you select a Response Code indicating that you have not modified any account information, an error message is displayed along with a “Clear Account Information” button under the Response Code field. Clicking this button will clear out all data in the response fields of the Account Information page (as nothing was modified, it does not need to be sent to the CRA) and then allow you to submit the ACDV using the Submit button. 

Items that have been fixed/remediated:

1. ACDV Archive with Images - fixed issue where images not included in extract. 

2. Added "*" to Control Number on DR and Block Notification Activity Reports

3. Corrected image ID repeating issue on DR and Block Notification Activity Reports

4. Converted GMT to New York time for Service calls

5. Legacy Control Number available in all Case Search criteria and in Archive and Activity Report extracts

6. Corrected validation regarding Portfolio Type in ACDV Respnses

7. Updated Tool Tip language regarding corrections to Billing Contact information

8. Added column for "Unit-Skill" to ACDV Work Queue lists 

9. Corrected ability to use drag & drop for Skills precedence updates

10.  Added drop down pick list ability to segment and display Operator Worklist by transaction type.

11. Corrected issue preventing some Operators from using "Get Next Notification"

12. Updated API Services calls "/find" call to ensure ACDV Request Find only retreives ACDVs in correct status

13. Updated API Services "ACDVRequest" call to ensure all ACDVs for a given date range are returned

14. Updated the ACDV Archive file to only display response code detailed explanation when specifically selected to be included. When "Summary" option is selected, only display the response code itself.

15. Updated the ACDV Archive file to include first and second Associated Consumer address information


Contact the e-OSCAR Help Desk at (866) MY OSCAR or (866) 696-7227
Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm ET