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More Functionality

Landing in your browser this spring

Investigating and responding to consumer credit disputes is tough work. Why should the application you use to process that work be difficult, too?

The all-new e-OSCAR 4.0 web application brings a host of upgrades, new capabilities, and additional features that will make reviewing, responding and reconciling your consumer credit disputes easier and more intuitive, making it easier for you to ensure the accuracy of credit data in the ecosystem. 


This is your e-OSCAR 4.0 Information Hub



We have announced the launch date for e-OSCAR 4.0 to be no sooner than June 23, 2023.

Need to know information about our launch - and specifically the steps that you will need to take can be found here.

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We will deliver e-OSCAR 4.0 training via multiple channels, including:

  1. Live, Facilitator-led webinars and training events
  2. Recorded, on-demand webinars and training events
  3. Interactive Web-based training modules
  4. Updated documentation, including PDF job aids and reference cards
  5. "Guide Me" tours and term definitions within the e-OSCAR 4.0 application 

Access all e-OSCAR 4.0 training content within the e-OSCAR Learning Management System

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Click here to review previously sent communications about e-OSCAR 4.0, including communication about our e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox environment.

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We have opened the e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox - a non-production learning labratory where you can practice using our new application before it goes live!

Click here for important information and tips to ensure your experience in our Sandbox environment is great.

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Need to host our e-OSCAR 4.0 training materials behind your firewall?

We're making all of our training content available for download.

Connect with us for more information. Please include your name, company name, company registration ID (account number) and the best way to contact you.

Important information about how to access our Training in a Box materials available HERE.


Have questions about the e-OSCAR 4.0 in general or the e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox region?  Check here for your answers!

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Contact the e-OSCAR Help Desk at (866) MY OSCAR or (866) 696-7227
Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm ET