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e-OSCAR Learning Resources

e-OSCAR Reference & Learning Material



e-OSCAR Screen Help 

This information is password protected.  Refer to the "Message of the Day" section within the e-OSCAR application to find the password.

e-OSCAR Reference Cards & Job Aid Materials 

We are excited to provide a variety of detailed Reference Cards and Job Aids that we believe will help users with many interactions and transactions in the e-OSCAR application.  Each of the documents below can be found within the e-OSCAR Learning Management System.

Access the e-OSCAR Learning Management System HERE.

Reference Cards

  • "Creating Users" Reference Card

  • "ACDV Grouping" Reference Card

  • "ACDV Search" Reference Card

  • "Archives" Reference Card

  • "Creating an AUD" Reference Card

  • "AUD Notifications" Reference Card

  • "AUD Search" Reference Card

  • "Block Notifications" Reference Card

  • Consolidated Code Sheet

  • "Dispute Response (DR) Notifications" Reference Card

  • "DNR Reinsertion Request" Reference Card

  • "Queues" Reference Card

  • "Reports" Reference Card

  • "Responding to an ACDV" Reference Card

Job Aids

  • Adding and Deleting Subscriber Codes

  • Adding New Reporting Relationships

  • Combining/Merging e-Oscar Registrations

  • Compatibility View Instructions

  • e-Oscar Registration Deactivation

  • IP Address Restrictions

  • Locating a New ACDV

  • Pay Your e-Oscar Bill

  • Unlocking ACDVs

  • Updating Registration Information

  • Viewing Images

  • Requesting Administrator Access

  • Dispute Code and Response Code Validation

e-OSCAR 101 Webinar Replays

Each month, the e-OSCAR team hosts "e-OSCAR 101" webinars covering a variety of topics.  On-demand replays are available through the e-OSCAR Learning Management System (HERE)

  • e-OSCAR 101 (Episode 1):  Creating Users in e-OSCAR, Password resets & maintenance, Finding & Responding to ACDVs
  • e-OSCAR 101 (Episode 2): The All-New e-OSCAR Learning Management System, Notifications, Enabling IP Restrictions
  • e-OSCAR 101 (Episode 3): COVID19, Tradeline Block Notifications and Block Rescission Process, Your Q&A
  • e-OSCAR 101 (Episode 4): Where to find COVID19 Resources, e-OSCAR's new COVID19 Account Reinsertion Process
  • e-OSCAR 101 (Episode 5): How Response Due Dates are set, What Activities can & cannot be done in e-OSCAR, What Products and Services make up the e-OSCAR ecosystem?, What coming enhancements are planned for e-OSCAR
  • e-OSCAR 101 (Episode 6) - Notifications, Notifications, Notifications
  • e-OSCAR 101 (Episode 7) - Insights by e-OSCAR Overview & demo


Contact the e-OSCAR Help Desk at (866) MY OSCAR or (866) 696-7227
Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm ET