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Batch Experience

Designed for the Data Furnisher that receives large volumes of Automated Consumer Dispute Verification (ACDV) Requests, the e-OSCAR Batch Experience is a product offering that provides the Data Furnisher with the secure receipt of ACDV Request batch files in XML format from e-OSCAR for use within the Data Furnisher’s internal application. The Data Furnisher may further streamline processes through the internal development of ACDV Responses for secure transport of XML files to e-OSCAR via the Batch Interface.

Utilizing the e-OSCAR Batch Experience Interface may allow the Data Furnisher to manage the dispute process in their own application, which could present efficiencies internally. Depending upon the Data Furnisher’s current processes, the e-OSCAR Batch Experience Interface could prevent the duplication of effort by allowing entries to be made in their own application and not have to repeat the process again in e- OSCAR.

An added advantage of the e-OSCAR Batch Interface is the storage of daily files up to 30 days. This can be of benefit if there is ever a need to recover files sent or received within the past 30 calendar days.

File transfer within the e-OSCAR Batch Experience Interface is managed through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). e-OSCAR's Batch SFTP is supported only as a pull option.  Access is secured by SSH Keys generated by the Data Furnisher and the site-to-site VPN's are retained.  Files are posted on the drive for fourteen (14) days, allowing Data Furnishers the ability to retrieve the files despite patching or local system changes.  

For more information about the e-OSCAR Batch Experience Interface, please refer to the document posted on this page.  You may additionally reach out to Bridgette Dunkley ( or Joel Strickland (


Overview of Batch Processing


Updated Information for Existing Batch Customers

e-OSCAR has made updates to the current Batch Data Definitions and Batch Implementation Process Guide documentation. We have also made updates to Error Conditions to align with Metro 2 CRRG requirements. Please click on the links below to access the updated documentation.  These documents are password protected; please contact for the appropriate passwords.

Summary of Data Definitions Document (DDD) Update: 

  • CII Code R description has been updated, along with associated Exhibits

 Summary of Batch Implementation Process Guide  Update: 

  • Includes information about the option to receive Batch Response failure email notifications

Data Definitions Document

Batch Implementation Process Guide

Error Condition Update Document





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