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The Online Solution for Complete & Accurate Reporting

Designed to provide Data Furnishers with an online solution for processing Consumer Credit Disputes
A browser-based, Metro 2 compliant system

Developed by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion.


Experience e-OSCAR's annual Users' Conference this July 16, 17, and 18. 

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Our Support Hub

Even though our software is designed to make dispute resolution as efficient and accurate as possible, we understand that processing consumer disputes can be difficult. Knowing how to use our application can be tough as well. That’s why we’ve made it easy to find the help you need. Our website includes articles, FAQs and other information to make sure you get the help you need, when you need it. Have an exceptionally difficult problem? Raise a support request for one of our experienced Customer Support staff.


Important News

Discover the latest news and information about the e-OSCAR Application and related services in our News Hub. Get real time updates and announcements, read up on release notes, and watch video announcements to stay up to date. Get the inside scoop on what’s happening with the e-OSCAR Application and related services and be the first to know about upcoming changes. Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected and be in the know. Visit our News Hub to get the latest news and information.

Impotant News
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e-OSCAR 4.0 is an innovative software application designed to facilitate the consumer credit dispute resolution process between Data Furnishers and Consumer Reporting Agencies. Our intuitive web-based platform is designed to handle consumer disputes in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Metro 2 Reporting Format. 


We offer end-to-end connectivity via API Services for those Data Furnishers seeking the ultimate in customization and integration.


Our intuitive and robust data analytics engine helps you manage dispute inventory and complete dispute trend analysis so that you can evaluate your overall dispute handling process and workflows. 

Learn about what we offer

e-OSCAR Application

e-OSCAR is a web-based, Metro2 compliant, automated system that facilitates credit history dispute processing between Data Furnishers and Consumer Reporting Agencies, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reportign Act.

Services by e-OSCAR

Services by e-OSCAR is an innovative platform that helps our clients integrate quickly and securely via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  We strive to keep our solution cutting-edge, reliable and secure, so that our clients can focus on their business objectives. With our services, our clients are able to quickly and securely integrate their processes with our platform.

Insights by e-OSCAR

We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of powerful data analytics tools. Our business intelligence platform provides unprecedented insight into the dispute inventory and workforce requirements of the consumer credit disputes processed through our application. We also provide users with the ability to view insightful data visualizations, perform deep analytics, and aggregate and slice massive volumes of e-OSCAR data.

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Training Hub

The e-OSCAR Training Hub is an online learning system that provides users with a comprehensive learning experience focused on the e-OSCAR application and related services.


Our platform features engaging videos, PDF downloads, and web-based training microlearning modules on how the e-OSCAR application functions and enables you to respond to consumer credit disputes. We provide more than 200 different courses so users can easily find the right one to meet their learning objectives. 

Our innovative platform is designed to facilitate an enjoyable learning experience for all e-OSCAR users, whether you are just starting out or an experienced dispute resolution professional.

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