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Insights by e-OSCAR

Designed to provide Data Furnishers with an online solution for processing Consumer Credit Disputes

Painless Analysis of your e-OSCAR data

Insights by e-OSCAR provides Data Furnishers a single point business intelligence platform with the unique ability to aggregate, slice, and evaluate massive volumes of e-OSCAR data, create insightful data visualizations, better understand dispute inventory and workforce requirements, and facilitate deeper analytics regarding consumer credit disputes processed through the e-OSCAR application.

Insights by e-OSCAR is a stand-alone, web-based business intelligence tool powered by Microsoft's Power BI analytical software, which offers users the capabilities to consume complex data in easy-to-understand data visualizations, dashboards, and charts.  The highly granular data available through Insights by e-OSCAR will be updated in near real-time and is protected through robust layered security.  Insights by e-OSCAR includes significant filtering and segmentation functionality, and allows Data Furnishers the opportunity to aggregate data from multiple Registration accounts for the first time.  Insights by e-OSCAR eliminates the need for Data Furnishers to export myriad data from the e-OSCAR application for analysis using third party software such as Excel.

Learn about what we offer

What is Insights all about?

Watch a pre-recorded demo that showcases some of the very best parts of Insights by e-OSCAR.

Note - this video is password protected. To obtain the password, send an EMAIL to us including your name, your company name and your company's e-OSCAR Registration ID number.

Activating Insights by e-OSCAR

Activating Insights by e-OSCAR for your company is quick and simple.

Simply complete and return our entitlement form, and we'll grant you access.

You'll receive individual login information for Insights.  We can also provide you the opportunity to simplify the Insights login process by leveraging your own Active Directory. Ask us how!

The cost? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Zip.  It's free!  We believe that having the ability to do in-depth analysis on your consumer dispute data is a critical part of being an e-OSCAR user.

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