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Unlock the Potential of e-OSCAR 4.0

Join us for our insightful three-day virtual users' conference and learn about the enhanced features and capabilities of e-OSCAR 4.0. Discover how the e-OSCAR application and our ancillary services can streamline your dispute handling processes, lead to improved accuracy, and help facilitate a deeper understanding of your consumer dispute data.

Why Attend?

Learn from the Experts:

Get first-hand knowledge from industry thought leaders and the e-OSCAR team about the consumer credit dispute ecosystem and where e-OSCAR fits.

In-depth Sessions:

Pick from targeted and  detailed walkthroughs, instruction, case studies and keynotes.

Interactive Q&A:

Have your questions answered in real-time by e-OSCAR experts. Connect with industry peers and discuss how e-OSCAR 4.0 and our related services are transforming the consumer credit dispute process.


Who Should Attend?

  • Data Furnisher dispute processors

  • e-OSCAR Administrators and managers

  • Data analysts

  • Risk and Compliance experts

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