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Services by e-OSCAR

Designed to provide Data Furnishers with an integration capability to faciliate processing consumer credit disputes and greater individual control on process and approach.

Integration made easy

Services by e-OSCAR is a new way to integrate with e-OSCAR via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Leveraging our API endpoints, Data Furnishers are able to process a variety of types of e-OSCAR transactions asynchronously, without using the e-OSCAR application.

Furnishers can receive and respond to Automated Credit Dispute Verifications (ACDVs), submit Automated Universal Data forms (AUDs), receive Notifications from Consumer Reporting Agencies, download Archive data, and more.

Services by e-OSCAR

Implementation FAQ

Looking for a list of the most common questions relating to implementing Services by e-OSCAR?  Find the answers in the e-OSCAR Support Hub

Document Repository

This page includes a variety of non-technical documents and forms that you need to review before and during your implementation of Services by e-OSCAR, including:

  • The e-OSCAR API License Agreement

  • The e-OSCAR Addendum regarding Utilization of a Third Party Service Provider

  • e-OSCAR API Services Matrix

  • e-OSCAR API Services Pricing Matrix

  • e-OSCAR Services Implementation Guide

  • Key forms, plan documents, testing requirements, and more

Release Notes & Prior Communications

Important announcements, including prior release notes, newsletters and other Services-related items can be found here.

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