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Services by e-OSCAR

Document repository for Services by e-OSCAR

All the forms and documents you need

The forms and documents on this site do not include technical endpoint documentation

All endpoint documentation, including schema, JSON and XML files, YAML files, etc. are stored in a secure file directory at 


Access to any and all e-OSCAR API Services documentation within Swaggerhub must be provisioned in advance by OLDE personnel subsequent to execution of an appropriate non-disclosure agreement.  No more than three Swaggerhub licenses per Data Furnisher shall be issued; all Swaggerhub licenses are bound to specific email addresses.  

To request access to password protected documents included in the Document Repository above or to secure access to the e-OSCAR API Services endpoint documentation, send an us an email by clicking (HERE)

Services by e-OSCAR

License & Contract

e-OSCAR API License Agreement

This License Agreement governs all use of the various e-OSCAR Services. You MUST click and accept this Agreement in full prior to accessing or using any e-OSCAR API or e-OSCAR API Resources. We do not allow modifications or redline changes to this agreement. 


If you are unable to execute this online, please send an EMAIL for additional information on how to proceed.

Addendum Regarding Utilization of Third-Party Service Provider

If your firm is intending to use a Third-Party Service Provider in conjunction with API Services, you MUST execute and return this form to e-OSCAR via email.


Execute and attach the completed Addendum to an EMAIL.

General Information

e-OSCAR API Services Matrix

This document details the various capabilities offered through Services by e-OSCAR.

e-OSCAR API Pricing Matrix

This document details onboarding costs and ongoing, monthly charges associated with Services by e-OSCAR.

e-OSCAR API Services Versioning Guide

This document provides guidance to Data Furnishers regarding ongoing and periodic application versioning changes

e-OSCAR API Services Versioning Job Aid

This document provides additional information regarding endpoint versioning and documentation

Implementation Info

e-OSCAR API Implementation Guide

This document details the various steps and processes required to facilitate Data Furnishers' implementation of Services by e-OSCAR.  This document should be used during Technical Specification Review, User Acceptance Preparation and Testing, API Production Implementation and Ongoing API Processing Support

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