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e-OSCAR 4.0 Info Hub

Issues that our Development Team is working on based upon your input, trouble tickets, and feedback
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Issues our Development Team is working on

The issues below are known concerns and are in the process of being evaluated for resolution.

Unit & Skill Load Report

This report was not implemented due to performance issues. Please leverage the Work Queue view on the e-OSCAR 4.0 home page to observe all dispute volume.

Transaction Printing Issues

Printing transactions generates a multi-page document (generally, 6 pages), whereas in Legacy e-OSCAR, printing a transaction generally required 2 pages. We will be updating this in an upcoming release.

Using * in Date Fields to Remove Data

In Legacy e-OSCAR, entering a * in certain date fields indicated a request to remove the date from those fields. The database stores that request in the format of 11/11/1111, but generally the * is displayed. In e-OSCAR 4.0, instead of displaying an *, the application will display 11111111, and Data Furnishers can recognize this as a requested deletion of the date.

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