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e-OSCAR 4.0 Info Hub

Issues that our Development Team is working on based upon your input, trouble tickets, and feedback
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Issues our Development Team is working on

The issues below are known concerns and are in the process of being evaluated for resolution.

Image Count Display in e-OSCAR

We have identified an issue where the image count display indicator on the Summary information panel of disputes may not match the actual number of images included on a dispute.  (see below for a picture depicting this).  This issue is a display issue only and does not impact or restrict your ability to process consumer disputes.  If there are images attached to a dispute, the e-OSCAR application will NOT allow you to submit a dispute response without the images having been reviewed.

Our team is developing a remediation which will be deployed in a future release.  Again, keep in mind, that this display issue does not impact your ability to work consumer disputes.

Archive Availability (Impacting multiple transaction types)

ARCHIVES: We have received a variety of requests about the availability of Archive data from the e-OSCAR application.  All e-OSCAR transaction types appear to be impacted. Our team is investigating the reported issues and hopes to deploy a Hot Fix to remediate issues preventing the download of Archive files next week. Stay tuned for more details, including the actual date of the Hot Fix.  Until we release this update, Archive data may not be available for download. We appreciate the importance of the availability of Archive data and will ensure that all data is preserved for appropriate download upon the remediation of these issues.

Unit & Skill Load Report

This report was not implemented due to performance issues. Please leverage the Work Queue view on the e-OSCAR 4.0 home page to observe all dispute volume.

Transaction Printing Issues

Printing transactions generates a multi-page document (generally, 6 pages), whereas in Legacy e-OSCAR, printing a transaction generally required 2 pages. We will be updating this in an upcoming release.

Using * in Date Fields to Remove Data

In Legacy e-OSCAR, entering a * in certain date fields indicated a request to remove the date from those fields. The database stores that request in the format of 11/11/1111, but generally the * is displayed. In e-OSCAR 4.0, instead of displaying an *, the application will display 11111111, and Data Furnishers can recognize this as a requested deletion of the date.

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